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A lightweight tool that will help you get everyone to lunch - in nearly no time at all. No more excruciating waiting at your colleagues doors. Just click and go.

Download the installers or follow instructions on how to use the Linux packages.

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Mac OS

The Lunchinator-Story

How come we created a tool to call your colleagues to lunch? Well, we came across some problems getting everybody to eat lunch together and we don't like problems unsolved. So here's what we came up with.

The Problem -> Our Solution

1. You and your colleagues are in different offices but meet for lunch almost every day. Around twelve o'clock you get hungry and walk by every office to inform the others that it is time for lunch. In every office you wait for a few seconds until everyone is finally on his feet and ready to go.

-> Instead of this you and your colleagues can just start the lunchinator in the morning. If you feel like it you set up your preferred lunch time. When you are hungry, you hit the button and everyone is notified. Of course you can also add a short message.
No further setup or registration is needed. You just start it up and leave it running.

2. Every day you and your colleagues have to agree on the restaurant, canteen or imbiss for lunch.

-> Just use the voter plugin and wait for someone to suggest place and time or suggest one yourself. You immediately see the favourite spot without leaving your chair.
If you are in a big company that has a webcam in the canteen or the lunch menu on a website you can easily integrate this into the lunchinator.


  • Needs no internet connection. You just need to be connected to the same network. Your messages stay inside your network, there is no middle-man.
  • Needs no setup: install and start. You automatically show up on the other lunchinators in your network.
  • Runs on Linux, Windows and Mac with a nice and shiny GUI or with a simple command line interface.
  • Can be extended easily with plugins written in Python
  • Free and open source

How To


  • Windows:
    Just double-click the .exe
  • Mac:
    Just download the latest tarball and unpack it. Place the Application Bundle in your Applications folder.
  • Ubuntu:
    Add the lunchinator ppa:
    • sudo apt-add-repository ppa:lunch-team/lunchinator
    • sudo apt-get update
    • sudo apt-get install lunchinator
  • SLES 11 SP2:
    • Install PyQT 4 from the official repositories (`sudo zypper install python-qt4`)
    • Make sure it works (`python -c 'from PyQt4.QtCore import QThread'`)
    • Add the following repository for python-setuptools: `sudo zypper ar`
    • Add the Lunchinator repository: `sudo zypper ar`
    • Install the Lunchinator: `sudo zypper install lunchinator`
  • Other Systems that support python:
    Run the python files directly:
    git clone
    python lunchinator/

You can also just download the files from the github-page. You need python and pyqt4. For full functionality more python packages are needed. The lunchinator will install them automatically via easy_install if you want to.

Use / Specifications

If you have a firewall, make sure Ports 50000/UDP and 50001/TCP are open.


Over time we have written quite a number of plugins, some are conservative and only show the lunch menu, others are a bit more fancy and allow to control a USB missile launcher remotely. In the beginning we put all of them into the main repository, but this got a little messy, so we move(d) them to separate git repositories. You can either tell the lunchinator to import them from github directly or just download the zip, extract it, and tell the lunchinator where to find it.

Who Made This

This is the part, where the proud developers of this amazing tool usually represent themselves in an appealing, humerous manner in order to make you like them and thus their app even more than if you'd just read all the convincing stats and facts about the product. But these guys decided their tool was cool enough - against my advice. Hence the superfluous text you're reading now.

Have A Nice Day!